Investment Solutions

We offer specialist investment solution services in attractive long-term, low-risk infrastructure, environment, property, enterprise and multi-asset investment vehicles, to suit the investment needs of like-minded individual and institutional sophisticated investors, as well as promote a sustainable socio-economic wellbeing of the local community.  In essence, we harmonise investor and community needs, in a way that propagates sustainable transformational development in the shared interest of the wider society.

We provide investment opportunities to sophisticated investors, but our products are by no          means, exclusive to the privileged. We also offer all members of the public, equal opportunities to participate in, enjoy and share the transformational benefits of our change ventures, through donation and reward-based fundraising. Our investment activities do not require regulation by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but are strictly governed by company transparent ethical policies and UK professional codes of conduct.  Please see our policy documents and keep in touch for updates on events and opportunities.